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Lay a foundation for successful groups and classrooms with our playbook of activities designed to build community, boost engagement, and enhance student-teacher relationships with culturally diverse learners.

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What's Inside:

Within the Student Engagement Playbook you'll find:

Four (4) fully-scripted activities that are designed to engage culturally diverse learners
“How to” video demonstrations to help you facilitate the activities
A Hip-Hop instrumental “playlist” of frequently requested songs to create an engaging environment during the activities

Meet the Author:

Hi, I'm Dwayne D. Williams, a school psychologist, author, and educational consultant who provides training to school districts on how to create culturally responsive social emotional learning and trauma-informed programs.

From collaborating with students, and from trial and error, I’ve identified four activities that are effective at boosting engagement, building community, and enhancing student-teacher relationships with culturally diverse learners.

I’ve used these activities for more than 8 years, and now, in The Student Engagement Playbook, I will share these activities with you!

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